About Julie

Everyone deserves to feel their best, both physically and emotionally.

With each of my clients, I sit down and go over their goals, areas of weakness and the time they are willing and able to devote to training. This personalized approach not only helps them find success faster, but it makes the process fun and manageable.

2F6A4963Growing up, I was always moving. Whether that was going to the backyard to play catch with my dad or heading to volleyball practice after school, it was hard to make me sit still. After playing three sports in high school, I found a love for running and began training for races in the New York area.


While this kept me in great shape for a number of years, the lack of cross training eventually got the best of me and I found myself sidelined with a stress fracture. After nearly two months of little in the way of physical activity, I was cleared to do low impact cardio like swimming and spinning. In this process, not only did I find a new appreciation for cross training and what it can do for a person’s body, but I fell in love with boutique fitness studios and the classes that many gyms offer where the instructors motivate you to push yourself in the best possible way.


In addition to running once or twice a week, I take a number of fitness classes ranging from barre to boxing to cycling to make sure I stay well rounded in my fitness routine, much like the plans I set up for my clients. Doing the same thing over and over not only gets boring, but the body is an amazing thing and quickly adapts to the change in demands, leading to less effective results over time.