“Julie has been a key part of my effort to change my life and focus more on my physical fitness. She’s not only helped design workouts for me but has been amazing about making sure I follow them and adjusting them based on my feedback. I couldn’t have lost the weight and seen the improved physique that I have without her help!” -George P, remote client

“Julie has done a great job not only training me, but getting me excited to work out. I’ve never been able to stick with a gym before, but Julie motivates me to work hard and commit to a plan, and she’s great during the workouts too!” -Justin P, client in NYC

“Working with Julie has been amazing, and she has really helped me get into a fitness routine that is fun and easy to keep up with. I have never really exercised and was reluctant because it seemed overwhelming, but Julie has actually turned it into one of the things I look forward to the most – plus, in only a few short months, I already see big results! And an unexpected bonus is that she’s also helped me eat better, since I’m now much more conscious about my food choices!” -Jessica K.